Good design works for most; great design works for all.

We are design experts on age-friendly experiences. The Center for Inclusive Aging and Design Research uses design to address age-related obstacles for the places we share. We understand, educate, and advise on design issues that matter to people, addressing their needs, wants, and motivations. Our vision is a world where every place supports all people, regardless of their needs.

No one likes to talk about aging, but we do. It’s part of a shared experience that affects us all–and in different ways. We understand this and believe great design can make the effects of aging less frustrating.

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What We Do

We are excited by the work we do. And our excitement is backed by a practice-based, design-led approach. Our practice centers around finding researched, current, and actionable design solutions for an aging population and those who care for them.

Design Services

The places people go matter. We advise clients on design decisions affecting their customers’ experiences. We provide our clients with answers using our knowledge of universal, inclusive, and age-friendly principles to address the issues they face.


Accurate information is critical to making decisions. We seek out research and deliver answers. If the answer isn’t out there, we are ready to conduct research activities to get you accurate information. We aim to make significant change by providing meaningful contributions to your work.

Design Training

People everywhere are realizing the importance of design. Our design training covers topics from the design process and universal design to inclusive design and age-friendly practices. Our design training and education help drive innovation and transformation through inclusiveness.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are design experts on age-friendly experiences. Our backgrounds in graphic and interior design are strengthened by university-based research specializing in aging issues.

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